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Taking students from “I’m in!” to “I’m here!”

Celebrate accepted students, engage everyone throughout the decision-making process, and drive enrollment.

Maximize admissions processes. Maximize results.

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Ace acceptances with a mobile-first approach

ASE Quatro

Get acceptance announcements out fast via text message

Personalize the moment of acceptance with text messages that link to custom content that excites and inspires action.

  • Reach accepted students quickly & meaningfully
  • Celebrate their accomplishment & welcome them to your community
  • Make it easy to share the good news on social media
  • Highlight key information & next steps

Amplify the moment with social media

Enable students to share the good news on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook with custom, branded social media filters and effects. 

  • Drive interest in your institution
  • Highlight your future class
  • Build a sense of community early on
  • Bolster your marketing efforts (while also saving your team time and money)

Go beyond the moment of acceptance


Inspire action with ongoing communication

Welcome, inform, and delight newly accepted students throughout the decision-making process. 

  • Invite students to Admitted Student Day
  • Drive them to take the next steps
  • Share relevant information
  • Encourage registration for orientation or sign-ups for campus housing
  • And more!

Survey says...

That student is headed your way! Or maybe they’re unsure and awaiting financial aid information? With our pulse surveys, you’ll know exactly where students stand and can reach out accordingly.


Perfectly personal (at scale)

Easily personalize communications by including personal details (such as names and potential majors) and segmenting by students’ needs and interests, like first-gen students, student-athletes, or transfer students.

Parent Engagement Ideas 2

Engage parents & other supporters — even without contact information

With a tap of a button, students can text relevant content to their support system. Or you can send messages directly. 

  • Empower accepted students to share the good news with their families, friends, and other supporters
  • Share parent-specific information throughout the admissions process
  • Engage families around events by sharing relevant information before and after they attend

Dig into the data that matters

Get the engagement data you need when you need it. From clicks and taps to survey responses and beyond, our data tracks the behaviors and interactions that help you better understand — and support — your incoming class.

  • Know how many students are engaged (and which ones)
  • Understand what they’re engaging with and when
  • Personalize follow-up communications based on students’ actions
  • Launch 1:1 conversations to provide timely, individualized support
  • Discover key insights — like who is showing up this fall

Excite, engage, and enroll students with the Accepted Student Experience.

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What our clients are accomplishing

Learn how our partner institutions are using Full Measure’s Accepted Student Experience to drive big results.


Kennesaw State University

See how KSU maximizes admissions with a mobile-first approach that engages students, saves money, and drives enrollment.


Illinois College

Learn how IC engages students and families early on, inspires action, and bolsters enrollment.

Take the acceptance celebration to TikTok

Build excitement on TikTok with our new TikTok effects — now part of our Accepted Student Experience.

  • Empower accepted students to share the good news with their friends and network
  • Boost your institution’s marketing efforts by authentically leveraging this popular channel
  • Increase your institution’s discoverability and drive organic impressions
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Learn more about how and why to make TikTok part of your admissions strategy

Looking to enhance your acceptance experience for Gen Z? Leverage TikTok.

3 reasons TikTok is a critical channel to leverage as part of your institution’s acceptance strategy — along with how to do so quickly and effectively.

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Full Measure releases new TikTok effects for admissions

Full Measure Education Launches TikTok Effects, Gives College Admission Announcements a Modernized Boost

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The Ultimate Guide to Turning Admitted Students to Enrolled Students

5 practical strategies for creating an impactful acceptance moment that drives matriculation.
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