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2022 and beyond: How to future-proof your graduation ceremonies

Kyle Freelander January 18, 2022
Graduation ceremonies
In-person? Virtual? Somewhere in-between? Unlock 4 practical strategies to plan for and deliver exceptional graduations — no matter what the future holds in store.

By: Kyle Freelander

There’s a lot of uncertainty around spring 2022 graduation and future ceremonies amid another COVID-19 surge. 

While institutions and students alike are eager to return to traditional in-person ceremonies, the rise of Omicron makes the reality of one a tough call for spring. Not to mention the possibility of another COVID variant of concern popping up. 

What does that mean for those planning 2022 graduation ceremonies? Stay flexible and be able to successfully pivot at a moment’s notice if necessary. 

Below are four practical strategies to help future-proof your graduation ceremonies (along with suggestions for how to do so), so you’re ready for whatever 2022 holds in store.


1. Have a feasible backup plan in place

One of the biggest challenges for institutions in planning for graduation ceremonies during uncertain times is the potential pivot. What happens if you plan for an in-person ceremony only to have to change plans at the last minute? Or a virtual ceremony that can suddenly be safely held [at least partially] in person? 

Having a backup plan in place can help you quickly pivot to ensure a memorable graduation celebration no matter the ceremony model. However, it’s not realistic for internal teams to plan multiple ceremonies to accommodate every potential shift. A truly flexible strategy relies on planning once and then being able to successfully pivot to whatever model makes the most sense once the fog clears. 

With Full Measure’s Graduation Celebration Experience, institutions can plan and pivot (if needed) with ease. The solution enables institutions to plan memorable and personal in-person, virtual, or hybrid graduation ceremonies and quickly switch gears to keep up with the current climate. For example, institutions can easily switch from an in-person to a virtual event with short notice — without pulling an all-nighter or bogging down internal teams.


2. Promote inclusion with a hybrid model for the big day

Even in the best of times, it can be hard for all of your graduates to make it to campus for a ceremony. During a COVID surge and other uncertain times, it can be even harder for graduates to participate in person. 

Taking a hybrid approach to your graduation ceremony can help ensure safety and increase accessibility, helping your institution engage and celebrate even more graduates regardless of whether or not they can physically make it to campus. One way to do this is by live streaming in-person ceremonies that integrate virtual participants with a recognition slide when their name is announced. 

The Graduation Celebration Experience makes it easy to combine virtual and traditional ceremonies for an inclusive, engaging, and immersive celebration. Create, manage, and launch personalized student slides and branded lower thirds to recognize each graduate (whether they are physically present or not). Additional features, such as custom branded social media lenses, make it easy for graduates and attendees to partake in the celebration from any location.


3. Take a mobile-first approach to communications

In uncertain times, quick and clear communications to students and guests are key to successful graduations. Text messaging is not only easy for institutions to use, but also increases the reach of your messages while ensuring students stay in the know about all things graduation. 

Ready to gather information for student slides? Text it. Need to make a change to your graduation model at the last minute? Text it. Want to let families and other attendees know about additional parking options or entrances? You get the idea. 

With a mobile-first approach to messaging, the Graduation Celebration Experience makes it easy for institutions to engage with students and guests in a timely and effective manner before, during, and after graduation. Easily craft and schedule compelling text messages and emails, and drive students and guests to personalized cards/landing pages that host important information about the big day.


4. Enhance the celebration with social media

Often times when we think about graduation ceremonies, we think of the processional. But what if you could extend the celebration and enable graduates to share this milestone with their community on social media? 

This content can be displayed on a social wall during your ceremony or shared out on your institution’s social media channels (with proper attribution, of course) as another way to recognize graduates and generate excitement about your institution. 

With custom social media lenses from Full Measure, tapping into social media has never been easier. Create and share branded social lenses for graduates to help them share their good news as well as filters for friends and family to celebrate their loved ones.

Ready to future-proof your 2022 graduation ceremonies and deliver a truly memorable ceremony? Let Full Measure help. Learn more and sign up for a free, no-obligation demo of our Graduation Celebration Experience. Schedule a demo.

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