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Caps off to a better graduation celebration

Kyle Freelander January 31, 2022
Caps off to a better graduation celebration

You talked, we listened — and delivered. How we enhanced our Graduation Celebration Experience to better support the evolving needs of higher education institutions.

By: Kyle Freelander

Graduation is an exciting and important moment to get right. 

Even in the best of circumstances, this can be challenging. During uncertain times, it’s even more so. Time is limited, staff is already stretched thin, and institutions have to be ready to pivot at a moment’s notice. 

Traditional systems and tools weren’t designed for this, and it didn’t take long to realize institutions needed something different — and fast. This led to the initial launch of our Graduation Celebration Experience over a year ago, well ahead of the date we had on our product roadmap. 

But we didn’t stop there. As the needs of institutions continued evolving, so has our solution. We’ve spent countless hours listening to and learning from institutions about what it is they really need in a graduation solution; invested time, money, and resources to take immediate action; and hired talented new team members to help us get there. 

The result? A graduation solution unlike any you’ve seen before. 

Introducing the new and improved Graduation Celebration Experience that helps institutions: 

  • Design and deliver a graduation celebration that’s memorable for all the right reasons, whether in-person, online, or both
  • Empower staff and save teams time by streamlining time-consuming processes, such as student slide personalization 
  • Stay flexible during uncertain times by making it easy to pivot from in-person to virtual (or vice versa) as needed to keep up with the current climate and ensure a safe celebration for all

1. Your celebration, your way with Graduation Studio™

Our powerful and intuitive Graduation Studio™ takes the heavy lifting off your teams’ plate and makes it easy to bring your graduation celebration to life. 

Customize everything from campaigns to lower thirds to student slides to get everything just right for the big day. Plus, tap into our robust template bank to quickly create interactive content cards that can then be sent via text message or email (think: student slide information requests, day-of logistics such as parking or streaming info, alumni engagement, and more).

2. Reimagine Student Screens with Slide Stream™

Whether in-person or virtual, student slides can be a meaningful way to recognize graduates and personalize the celebration. But creating and managing them can be a heavy lift for internal teams and open the door to unnecessary errors. Slide Stream™ solves all of those challenges and more by enabling your team to effortlessly create, manage, and launch personalized student slides. 

Streamline the creation process by having students submit their information, photo, and name pronunciation, which automatically creates their personalized slide for staff review. Take slides to the big screen during in-person ceremonies by simply scanning the QR phone on students' phones which also discreetly shares their name pronunciation with the reader.

3. Engage graduates, their families, and other guests via text message

When people think about graduation, the ceremony is usually top of mind. But effective communication before, during, and after the big day is just as key to a successful celebration. Our mobile-first approach makes it easy to share important information with graduates via text message and walk them through the next steps, such as submitting information for personalized student slides, ordering caps and gowns, and requesting additional tickets. 

Reaching and engaging with guests is important as well. With a simple tap, our solution makes it easy for graduates to text an attendee-specific content card directly to family and friends participating in the celebration. And since the text message is sent from students, it’s even more likely to be opened and clicked by guests than traditional communication methods.

4. Enhance the celebration with social media

Graduation celebrations don’t have to be limited to a stage moment or the ceremony itself. Make it easy and fun for graduates to share this milestone on social media with Full Measure’s custom branded AR lenses, hashtags, banners, and more. Create additional custom lenses for friends and family to celebrate their graduate, which can be especially powerful for those who can’t attend in-person ceremonies. 

Take it all to the big screen during the ceremony with an engaging social wall that can highlight images and messages of congratulations from a specific hashtag, text message, submission forms, emails, and more.

And this is only the beginning. We continue to look for opportunities to improve our solution to better meet institutions’ evolving needs so you can feel confident about delivering a memorable celebration this semester, future semesters, and years to come. 


Our graduation solution is so unique, you have to see it for yourself. Learn more and grab some time on our calendar to check it out. It may just be the best 15 minutes you’ve ever spent. 


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