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Improve your admissions process with mobile-first communications

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The dos and don’ts for an impactful acceptance moment

Our infographic reveals 7 things you can do to ace the student acceptance process (and 7 things you shouldn’t)

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Looking to enhance your acceptance experience for Gen Z? Leverage TikTok.

3 reasons TikTok is a critical channel to leverage as part of your institution’s acceptance strategy — along with how to do so quickly and effectively.

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Beyond acceptance: How to increase enrollment with effective communications

3 strategies to level up your admissions communication strategy to stand out, generate excitement, and boost enrollment

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You’re in! How institutions can make the most of the acceptance moment

Get even more out of our Accepted Student Experience with these 4 enhancements

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A look ahead: Trends in 2022-2023 higher education admissions

3 admissions trends your institution should prepare for — and how 

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How to engage families of admitted students

Engage families and supporters like never before with our latest family engagement features — now part of our Accepted Student Experience.

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6 Reasons Why Reaching Admitted Students On Mobile Matters for Community Colleges

Why community colleges should use a mobile-first strategy for reaching and engaging admitted students.

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7 Reasons Why Reaching Accepted Students On Mobile Matters

Deliver a better experience to students by making one of ten thousand feel like one in a million.

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Campus tours need a refresh? Look to Gen Z for inspiration.

March 28, 2022

Want to get more out of your campus tours?
Campus Visits College Tours Communications

Want to get more out of your campus tours? Start with your communication strategy.

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