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The future of campus tours is here.

Campus visits that drive results with relevant curated and personalized tours anytime, anywhere.


You’re either touring with Full Measure or you are lost.

Discover why so many institutions are partnering with Full Measure for a first-in-class personalized tour experience.

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Tap into true personalization

Enable students to generate personalized tours based on what matters most to them.

Highlight the best of your institution

Create curated tours to showcase what makes your institution unique at a single glance.


Amplify authenticity with User Generated Content

Highlight student voices with multi-media user-generated content (UGC).

Self-guided tours like no other

Bring your campus to life with augmented reality (enabling visitors to identify areas of interests on or around campus with a simple point of their smartphone), and ensure a smooth tour with turn-by-turn navigation.

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A true visit experience – even when virtual

Go beyond a simple video or websites and create an intuitive, engaging way for visitors to explore your campus anytime, from anywhere.

Relevant and personal tours every time

Ensure engaging, memorable campus visits every time with 24/7 access, unmatched customization, and a true tour experience from anywhere.

Increase access

Offer virtual and self-guided tours 24/7 from any device

Personalize the moment

Unlock true customization based on individuals' interests

Enhance engagement

Text curated interactive content cards to everyone

Now they're rocking with the best

Take a glimpse how a few of our partner institutions utilize Full Measure's Campus Visit Experience.

CSU Case Study Feature Image

Colorado State University

Learn how CSU increases access to tours, enables personalized visits, and better engages prospective students.

ASU Feature Image

Arizona State University

Learn how ASU highlights what makes each of its campuses unique through accessible, engaging, and personalized tours.

Communication strategies to engage everyone every step of the way.

Deploy personalized interactive content via text & email

Engage students when and where it counts

Share relevant information before, during, and after tours.

Loop in family and other supporters

Engage parents and other supporters throughout the decision process.

Empower staff and organize your tour guides

Quickly share key information and develop internal buy-in across campus.

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Tap into data

  • Track key metrics and insights, such as number of tours taken and type, date and time of tours, and more
  • Drill down on individual student data, like their selected interests, and track trends across prospective student classes
  • Seamlessly import data into your institution’s CRM to personalize follow-up engagements

Build excitement early and where it counts

  • Get more from social media with branded Augmented Reality filters, banners, and more
  • Use embedded deep-links to launch tours directly from social platforms
  • Reach other prospective students with authentic, engaging user generated content

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6 key strategies to improve your higher education institution's tours – on campus and off. 
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