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Caps off to a better graduation celebration

Design and deliver a graduation ceremony that's memorable for all the right reasons – in-person, online, or both.

Experience a graduation like no other with Full Measure's Graduation Studio™

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Design the perfect celebration with Graduation Studio™

  • Customize everything from campaigns to lower thirds to student slides
  • Create and send interactive content cards using the robust template bank
  • Quickly pivot from in-person ceremonies to virtual or vice versa

Reimagine student screens with Slide Stream™

  • Effortlessly create, manage, and launch personalized student messages
  • Streamline slide creation by having students submit their content and name pronunciation
  • Use QR code to quickly launch slides and discretely share name pronunciations with the reader
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Engage everyone via text message

  • Text graduates before, during, and after the big day
  • Send interactive content cards that include key graduation information
  • Make it easy for students to tap and share relevant information with family and other guests

Go big and get everyone involved

  • Involve graduates and their guests whether they are in-person or online
  • Enhance the celebration with custom branded AR lenses for social media
  • Take it to the big screen with a social wall highlighting images and messages of congratulations
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Case study

University of Alabama Birmingham

Learn how Full Measure helps the University of Alabama-Birmingham create flexible and memorable graduation celebrations in any format — even in the midst of a pandemic.

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“Whether it happens online or in person, graduation is stressful. It’s comforting to know we have a solution that can both save time and improve the experience for students and their families, no matter what life throws at us next.”

Gwynne G Mountz

Gwynne G. Mountz | University of Alabama Birmingham

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The Ultimate Guide to Acing Graduation

6 key strategies to ensure truly memorable higher education graduations – in-person, virtual, or both.
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A graduation solution so unique, you have to see it for yourself

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