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Graduation Celebration Experience

Caps off to a better graduation celebration

Design and deliver a graduation ceremony that's memorable for all the right reasons – in-person, online, or both.

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Graduation Studio

Design the perfect celebration with Graduation Studio™

  • Customize everything from campaigns to lower thirds to student slides
  • Create and send interactive content cards using the robust template bank
  • Quickly pivot from in-person ceremonies to virtual or vice versa

Reimagine Student Screens with Slide Stream™

  • Effortlessly create, manage, and launch personalized student messages
  • Streamline slide creation by having students submit their content and name pronunciation
  • Use QR code to quickly launch slides and discretely share name pronunciations with the reader
Slide Stream
Perfect for the big screen

Graduation has never been this flexible

In uncertain times, flexibility is key. With the Graduation Celebration Experience, it’s quick and easy to pivot between graduation formats as needed — such as going from in-person to virtual or vice versa. 

Because a moment’s notice is now more than enough time.

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Marketing Campaigns

Engage everyone via text message

  • Text graduates before, during, and after the big day
  • Send interactive content cards that include key graduation information
  • Make it easy for students to tap and share relevant information with family and other guests

Go big and get everyone involved

  • Involve graduates and their guests whether they are in-person or online
  • Enhance the celebration with custom branded AR lenses for social media
  • Take it to the big screen with a social wall highlighting images and messages of congratulations
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The Ultimate Guide to Acing Graduation

6 key strategies to ensure truly memorable higher education graduations – in-person, virtual, or both.

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“Whether it happens online or in person, graduation is stressful. It’s comforting to know we have a solution that can both save time and improve the experience for students and their families, no matter what life throws at us next.”

Gwynne G Mountz

Gwynne G. Mountz | University of Alabama Birmingham

Case Study: University of Alabama Birmingham

Learn how Full Measure helps the University of Alabama-Birmingham create flexible and memorable graduation celebrations in any format — even in the midst of a pandemic.

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UAB Case Study LP 2

A graduation solution so unique, you have to see it for yourself

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