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Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Full Measure Education powers personalized mobile experiences at over 450 institutions across the country. Founded by Greg Davies in 2013, Full Measure is a team of innovative developers, award-winning designers, seasoned postsecondary professionals, experienced executives, and Otis the dog – all of whom share the goal of creating mobile-first experiences to deliver personal, curated moments of support and celebration to students everywhere.

The Full Measure platform was built as a solution for schools to make sure that, when students wake up and decide to change their lives through higher education, the steps are clear and the path is ready for them. Full Measure Education has invested years into building a platform that brings the student enrollment cycle into the digital age, blending mobile messaging channels with rich, personalized content experiences.

About our founder

Greg Davies Founder & CEO

Greg Davies

Founder & CEO

Greg Davies is the founder and CEO of Full Measure Education. He has dedicated his career to improving student outcomes by launching innovative solutions to help remove student barriers to education. Greg was part of the founding management team at Blackboard in 1997. He then went on to start Presidium, a college call-center support service. In 2011, he sold Presidium to Blackboard and, taking no half measures with his next company, founded Full Measure Education. During his time with Presidium, Greg became more aware of - and was inspired by - the challenges students face as they navigate the complexities of the college enrollment process. Determined to make the steps throughout the student lifecycle more navigable and accessible for all students, Greg set forth to better curate and personalize school-to-student communication using mobile-first technology.

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