Full Measure and TikTok

Full Measure Education Launches TikTok Effects, Gives College Admission Announcements a Modernized Boost

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 14, 2022) -Full Measure Education, an edtech software company for colleges and universities, recently announced the release of TikTok effects as part of its innovative Accepted Student Experience. An industry pioneer in integrating effects and filters on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, Full Measure’s solution enables students to share their excitement and pride for being accepted into their chosen college or university while also helping institutions create more impactful connections.

“Over 4 million people get accepted to college every year, and nearly one in four celebrate that moment with Full Measure,” said Ben Hills, COO and Head of Product at Full Measure. “We are honored to be part of that moment and actively seek opportunities to make it even more special. Expanding to TikTok creates a bigger, more inclusive celebration for students and the opportunity for more parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, and other supporters to be involved in their loved one’s exciting milestone.”

Full Measure’s Accepted Student Experience helps colleges and universities across the nation celebrate and welcome students, engage them throughout the decision-making process, and drive enrollment and matriculation. It enables institutions large and small to:

  • - Quickly reach admitted students by creating and sending interactive content cards through text messages and email
  • - Provide ongoing support with communications that highlight next steps, such as tour offerings, financial aid opportunities, contact information, and deposit deadlines
    - Build excitement by providing students branded social media AR filters, banners, hashtags, and more to share the good news on popular social media platforms
“Social media and mobile devices have fundamentally changed how we make critical life decisions, such as deciding which college is the best choice for a student,” said Greg Davies, founder and CEO of Full Measure. “Our platform helps institutions successfully and authentically connect with prospective students where and when it counts most, including TikTok.”

In a 2021 report, an estimated 37.3 million Gen-Z Americans identify as regular TikTok users. The platform has become so central in their lives that they are foregoing other social media platforms in favor of TikTok. Additional studies show that TikTok users in the U.S. consume around 24 hours of content on the app each month, and 90 percent of users access the app daily.

“Our TikTok effects present a powerful opportunity for institutions to enable community building early on,” said Davies. “Future students can share their good news, meet others who were accepted, find a roommate, make new friends, and more — all before they even show up on campus. That makes students even more excited for their higher education journey and increases the likelihood they’ll stay and complete their degree.”

With initial data from Full Measure showing the TikTok effects resulting in a reach 13-times larger than other social media platforms, colleges and universities using the Accepted Student Experience can also increase visibility among future students — boosting interest in the institution and overall application volume.

About Full Measure Education
Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Full Measure Education partners with more than 500 higher education institutions across the nation to employ a mobile-first approach to improving the student journey — from a student’s initial interest in an institution and touring campus to getting accepted all the way through to graduation and beyond. To date, Full Measure has delivered more than 30 million mobile interactions, 12 million moments of social engagement, and 473,000 campus tours. They’ve also helped celebrate over a million newly admitted students at partner institutions, with approximately one in four students learning about their college acceptance via Full Measure’s platform in 2021. Learn more at

Interested institutions can learn more about the Accepted Student Experience and TikTok effect options or purchase a custom effect directly.