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6 Reasons Why Reaching Admitted Students On Mobile Matters for Community Colleges

Full Measure August 10, 2020
Community college admission

Why community colleges should use a mobile-first strategy for reaching and engaging admitted students.

Making the decision to pursue higher education at a community college is a huge step in a student’s journey. Whether they’re coming from the working world or high school graduation, it’s important to make sure you start their engagement and excitement about this journey early – and this starts on mobile.


Enter Full Measure. Our Admitted Student Experience meets students where they are: on their smartphones. Deliver the celebratory news of being admitted on mobile, and eliminate the wait. Here’s why reaching admitted students on mobile matters


1. This is a big deal

For a large number of your applicants, they are the first person in their family to decide to pursue a postsecondary degree. Being admitted is a momentous occasion for students and their families, and one that should be celebrated

2. The age of now

Students’ whole lives are accessible on mobile, and how they communicate with your institution should be as well. Instead of waiting by the mailbox to receive their acceptance letter, reach them quickly on their mobile device. The sooner they know they’ve been admitted, the sooner they can take action on their next steps.

3. From paper to progress

Once they’ve received the good news, a potential student can begin to do something about it. Make it easy for students to complete their financial aid, register for orientation,and take steps towards enrollment. As this might be a big ‘first’ for the student and their family, the clarity and ease at which next steps are introduced will help to set them up for success.

4. Share it with the 'gram and the fam

Remember when we said that continuing your education was a big deal? Let’s share in the celebration. Full Measure builds out custom-branded social media filters for admitted students to share their good news on multiple platforms, repping your logos, colors, and school spirit. It’s the way they’re sharing the news anyway - now you can make it institution-branded.

5. Build support for your students from the start

You made good news travel faster. Now what? Connect accepted students with the resources they need to accomplish their goals. Link them to social media hashtags, showcase your current students, and connect them to advising resources. A sense of community helps to ease the nerves of what is to come.

6. So... You in?

Once they know they’re in, admitted students can let you know their intentions early on… remember instant gratification from #2? Allow for options such as ‘I’m definitely coming!’, ‘Looking at other options’ or ‘I have questions’. Get a better sense of who’s excited, who needs an extra hand, and who’s showing up for the first day of class.


Your students are taking a big step and making a great commitment to their education. Let our team show you how to bring this to life. Schedule time with us.

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