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Strategies to Make Your Housing Reopening Plan a Success for Students

Full Measure July 24, 2020
strategies to make your housing reopening plan a success
Full Measure’s Move-In Day Experience is a powerful, mobile-first solution that is designed to keep your community connected, engaged, and informed during the move-in process. Here are the top five ways we can help make your team executive a housing reopening plan safely and confidently. 



1. Build Excitement Before They Arrive

Welcome each student back to campus with a mobile invitation and share the excitement of a new semester 

2. Understand Their Plans and Reserve their Spot

Make it easy for students to provide you with their travel plans, including the number of guests they’re bringing. Offer them move-in appointments that align to their travel plans and conform to building capacity guidelines

3. Connect Them to Key Resources

Create a hub of critical move-in resources for each student connecting them to their move-in coordinators, digital campus maps, mobile-friendly checklists, and more 

4. Provide Relevant Real-Time Updates

Send timely updates to specific segments of the student population. New students, returning students and student-athletes can each receive real-time updates and view the content that matters most to them

5. Give Them A Way To Ask The Important Questions

Uncertainty fuels anxiety. Give students and staff an outlet to reach out and have their move-in day questions answered quickly, by the most knowledgeable staff member(s)


6. Finalizing your Student Housing Reopening Plans?

Download our free Handbook to Reopening Student Housing to learn more about the seven key areas you must consider and plan for while structuring your reopening plan. 



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