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5 ways to make move-in day seamless for your students, faculty, and staff

Full Measure June 24, 2020
move in day
How to ensure a smooth move-in day for everyone that starts the school year off right

Ahh, first day jitters. The excitement of college move-in day is a memory that stays with you for years. We all probably remember pulling up to our first dorm with nervous butterflies in our stomach and a minivan that could have doubled as a mini-Target.

Students put in a lot of work to get to this moment: submitting applications, taking the SAT or ACT, and filling out plenty of paperwork. This Fall, there are a few more items we have to add to the Welcome Week checklist before students move in, wide-eyed, Jansport backpack in tow, and ready to take on the college world.

Full Measure is using the power of mobile engagement to ensure each student is prepared to return to campus and start their first day of classes with confidence.

1. You're invited

Invite students, faculty, and staff back to campus with the click of a button. Rev up their excitement with a personal touch. Sure, they’ve been bored in the house for months, but it’s time to hang up the loungewear and suit up in school spirit!

2. ETA?

Prepare students for move-in day by discovering their plans and accommodating accordingly. Transportation? Parking? Early Arrival? Guests?  Make sure you’ve got your bases covered by easing the burden on your students making their way to campus.

3. I'll take it from here

Ensure students have what they need by connecting them to move-in coordinators, R.A.s, and whoever will be there to assist them before, during, and after move-in day. Connecting students to a real person, on an easily-accessible mobile platform, helps to build a relationship and trust to ease those first day jitters.

4. Attn:

Send customized nudges to specific audiences and be there for your students by answering critical questions in real-time.  Personalized messages and attention to detail will help to provide reassurance for students and parents alike. Making yourself available shows that you care.

5. Hey Siri, where's the bookstore?

When you’re on the go, there is nothing worse than losing a piece of mail, missing an email because it went to spam, or toggling around an antiquated website for information on your smartphone. Using our tools, you can provide your students with the ability to access real-time information relevant to a successful move-in. As the CDC guidelines change in each state, send easy-to-launch messages to students about new mask rules, indoor seating on campus, and what to expect in dorms and in dining halls. They need the information, and they need it now!

Whether it's inviting students and their families back to school,  implementing successful move-in day scheduling, or communicating about new campus policies - we've got you covered. There's no one-size-fits-all solution for what comes next, but there is one common goal: keeping students safe, informed, and excited for their first day.

Let’s implement your perfect solution, together. Start the conversation.


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