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7 Reasons Why Reaching Accepted Students On Mobile Matters

Full Measure June 9, 2020
7 Reasons Why Reaching Accepted Students On Mobile Matters

Deliver a better experience to students by making one of ten thousand feel like one in a million.

It’s senior year and they’ve applied to a dozen different colleges and universities… and now, they wait. For what? The mailman? A phone call from Mom who checked the mail when they weren’t home? Not anymore.

Enter Full Measure. Our Accepted Student Experience meets students where they are: on their smartphones. Deliver this highly anticipated news on mobile, and without the wait. Here’s why reaching accepted students on mobile matters...


1. If you're not first

Notifying a potential student first is crucial. You’ll win them over by meeting them where they are, cutting out the middleman, and congratulating them on their achievement early. The sooner they know, the sooner they can start to engage with your institution.

2. The age of now

Ever wait for a package from a service that doesn’t promise 2-day shipping? Us, too. Mobile-first acceptance messaging allows for instant gratification, something that simply cannot be matched by staring out the window for the mailman or sifting through all of the boring stuff their parents get mailed.


3. From papers to progress

Once they’ve received the good news, a potential student can begin to do something about it. Make it easy for students to complete their financial aid, register for admitted student events, or submit their deposit.

4. Share it with the 'gram... and the fam

Full Measure builds out custom-branded social media filters for accepted students to share their good news on multiple platforms, repping your logos, colors, and school spirit. It’s the way they’re sharing the news anyway - now you can make it institution-branded.

5. Speaking of repping hard...

You’ll definitely want to include ways for accepted students to purchase swag from your school - start to win them over and keep your school on their mind with  t-shirts, pennants, and tumblers.

6. Build your incoming class before they even arrive

You made good news travel faster. Now what? Connect accepted students with the rest of their class from the moment they receive the good news. Link them to social media hashtags, groups, and pages to build community from the very beginning.

7. So... You in?

Checking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is long gone. Once they know they’re in, accepted students can let you know their intentions early on… remember instant gratification from #2? Allow for options such as ‘I’m definitely coming!’, ‘Looking at other options’ or ‘I have questions’. Chances are, you got to them before their other options and will be top of their mind - and list!


Your students don't want to wait, and neither should you. Let our team show you how to bring this to life. Schedule time.


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