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The Summer Melt Experience

Full Measure June 4, 2020
Summer melt

It's gettin' hot in here. Don't let them melt away! Here's how to drive student matriculation at your institution.


Summer. It brings sand, sunshine, the warm summer air, and good times. But it also brings the pressure of starting a new chapter in the Fall. The start of summer means the start of questions from your incoming students as they begin to prepare for their future at your institution.

Financial aid, housing, course offerings, and schedules - it’s a lot to work through! In the past, institutions have a standard set of platforms that they utilize to communicate with students about these checklist line items: emails, snail mail, portals, and in-person orientation.

But this summer, incoming students are asking different questions. Driving engagement and excitement, not to mention assuring preparedness, is crucial to the success of each student. Full Measure Education is collaborating with higher education institutions across the nation to meet students where they are - on mobile - to develop a series of check-in surveys to keep students ready for their first day.


Keep admitted students close, even from afar…


1. WYD?

Simple, yet effective, check-in surveys can be sent throughout the summer to get a better picture of their excitement and preparedness for their first day in the fall.

2. Your new favorite collection

Utilize survey results to assess relevant data points. Meeting students on a convenient and accessible platform increases the likelihood that they will participate in surveys and give you a more accurate depiction of your incoming class.

3. Left on read?

Your institution can effectively develop the next steps for reaching out to students who are flagged as ‘at risk for melt’! Make it easier to reach out to students who react to surveys as nervous, underprepared, or unenthused about their first day at your institution.

Don’t let the momentum and rapport you’ve built with your incoming class melt away. Schedule Time.




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