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10 ways to keep the magic of graduation alive

Full Measure May 18, 2020
commencement ceremonies

From the initial invitation to the final moving of the tassels, Full Measure has developed an innovative way to bring the celebration directly to the Class of 2020.


Leading up to the big day …

1. Hey you did it! Let's celebrate

The personalized invitation to the main event sent right to their phones via SMS. They’ll be in the know, be linked to resources and congratulatory swag, and share the excitement directly with their friends and family in just a few clicks.

2. We're here to help

Full Measure works with your institution to gather information on post-grad resources, from Career Services to the Alumni Association, and delivers the information to your students on a modern, mobile-first platform.

3. Oh, the places you'll go

What’s next for your graduates? An all-in-one approach to gather information about post-grad plans and see who needs a hand as they take their next steps.

4. Share in the celebration

Get your phone camera ready. Full Measure can develop customized filters and lenses for your students’ favorite social media sites. Let your students share their accomplishments with their followers - think balloons, confetti, graduation caps, and even a little pomp and circumstance. We’ve got it all.

5. A toast to the Class of 2020

Raise a glass to your graduating class! Bring your students together for a special moment with a toast from an honored classmate, distinguished faculty member, or even a celebrity alum.

6. Behind the scenes

We get it, these are uncharted waters in higher education. Full Measure’s virtual graduation experience is all inclusive - we’ll work with you to gather the assets, film speakers, and review videos. Tell us what makes graduation special at your institution, and we’ll create an event and experience worth remembering.

7. Now presenting the graduating class

Full Measure’s platform can provide for class videos, special speakers, and other institution-specific graduation traditions to bring the magic to life for your students and their friends and families. Some things just weren’t meant to be experienced alone.

8. The full package

Take the experience up a notch by adding in the reading of students’ names to the ceremony. Give your students the ultimate shared experience with a personalized touch

9. Broadcasting live... It's your university!

The commencement ceremony can be streamed live on Facebook or Youtube (including closed captioning). Creating memories with just the click of a button and bringing people together for the moments that matter most - Full Measure has it covered.

10. Go on, press play

Full Measure is defining a new way to recognize a major milestone in higher education. Your students have worked hard for this moment - Whether onstage or online, Full Measure has the tools to keep the magic of graduation alive for the Class of 2020. What are you waiting for? Press play on our virtual graduation experience.

Interested in our Graduation Celebration solutions? Schedule time with us.


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