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Why connecting to your inquiries on mobile is more important than ever

Full Measure July 16, 2020
Why connecting to your inquiries on mobile is more important than ever

The Class of 2021 is ready to take the next step in furthering their education, but things will look a little different this year. Are you ready?





Driving interest in your institution used to follow the same formula - have a  booth at the fair, provide the coolest ‘swag’ to give away, give the most engaging presentation during high school visits - all tangible ways you grabbed a student’s attention to amplify their interest in your school. This fall, however, the lens through which students will be examining potential higher education institutions is getting much smaller. 

The days of “flexing” your school’s desirability in person might be different - but we can help. Full Measure Education has all the tips, tricks, and tools to bring your recruiting game to mobile in a BIG way.


What you need

  1. To get your name out there to interested potential students
  2. To recruit an impressive incoming class
  3. To get all their questions answered and alleviate stressors



Picture your standard inquiry email campaigns, but let’s make it mobile-first. A school snapshot, pictures of campus life, and student body showcases: you can tell your story on mobile. Bring them into the fold and show them what you’ve got to offer at a distance.


Reminders, push notifications, virtual assistants - technology helps us keep our lives together. Wouldn’t it be great if you could help your incoming class stay on top of their to do list? We’ve got just the right content to assist you in answering their questions around financial aid, the application process, academic programs, and so much more. We’ll help you navigate the fine line between ‘nagging parent’ and ‘casually aloof’.


Get to know your prospective students. Prompt their replies with surveys, quick response features, and engaging content. This generation is more likely to slide into your direct messages than they are to send you a postcard. Are your questionnaires relevant and your response mechanisms accessible? Great, now we’re in business. Drive engagement early, stay on top of communication, and don’t lose their interest with a little help from your friends at Full Measure.


It’s time to get connected. Schedule a meeting.

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