Using SMS to engage with students


Florida State College at Jacksonville

How FSCJ collected more applications and boosted registration rates after deploying SMS campaigns.


Public 2-year that offers 4-year degrees




Jacksonville, FL


4 campuses, 3 centers



As student preferences have evolved, so has FSCJs approach to upholding its mission to enhance student outreach and support efforts. With fewer people opening emails and picking up their phone, FSCJ looked for new solutions in engaging with its students. It was important to the team at FSCJ that the solution could be implemented easily, and drive results quickly. Given the time of year, FSCJ was looking for a solution that could help more students complete their application, and register for classes.


FSCJ partnered with Full Measure initially for a four month pilot. The teams identified three areas of focus for deploying standardized and automated outreach via SMS: Incomplete Applications, New Student Registration and Applied but Never Enrolled.

To help support FSCJ’s staff, Full Measure created SMS content and a communication plan for each of the three areas of focus.

These hyper-targeted SMS campaigns were launched within weeks to help alleviate the workload of FSCJ’s admissions team and amplify their current communication strategies for effectively driving student action.



20% Faster registration

Accepted students who received a text message registered 20% faster than those who received no text message.

1.2x New students

New students were 1.2X more likely to register when receiving automated messages during their enrollment process.

1.8x Incomplete applications

Incomplete applicants were 1.8X more likely to complete their application when receiving a text message encouraging them to finish.